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How to Create a Co-designed and Co-Curated Classroom

Imagine your students, in firmly pressed suits and colourful dresses, standing next to their re- constructed models of ancient civilisations, articulating in detail to a room full of adults reasons why they fell.

Imagine their work being so impressive that a local museum curator asked to feature it in an upcoming exhibition.

This is the kind of work Linda Amici (@LindaAmici), a fifth grade teacher gets 10 year old gets students to produce in her co-created and co-designed classroom.

In her classroom, students choose how they work, who they work with, and what they work on.

I sat down with Linda to learn how she creates this kind of co-designed space, and how teachers new to this kind of learning can make the shift as well.

In this short interview, Linda teaches us how to:

  • Develop and deepen student questions

  • Gently guide without overpowering

  • Save ourselves time and headaches by letting go

  • Set up simple routines to help students direct their own learning

  • Get students to produce work that makes adults’ jaws drop

Get access to all 12 shifts and start making the shift to a student centered classroom below.

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Kyle Wagner
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