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Why you are here


Welcome. I think I know why you are here. If you landed on this page, you are part of a growing group that wants more from our schools. You may be a teacher, school leader, middle manager, or just a curious parent interested in school transformation. Whoever you are, and whatever your background, you are in the right place. I'm glad you are here. 

Change has overwhelmed school for years, which is why many have avoided it. But in 2020, in the middle of a global pandemic, we must change. Creating the most transformative learning experiences for our students doesn't have to be so hard. There is power in simple. We can commit today to trying something different than we did yesterday. I'm here to empower you.

Who I am

I am a project- based learning coach and founder of Transform Educational Consulting Limited, helping forward thinking educators create socially, emotionally and globally aware citizens through project- based learning. I've worked with over 1,000 educators in schools across the globe to design and deliver transformative learning experiences for students. 

I've witnessed the transformation first hand. 

I have seen teachers shift from lecturing from the front of the classroom, to helping students design and run their own businesses in the community. Go from science experiments conducted in isolated school labs, to water testing and field reports conducted and carried out in local rivers. These learning experiences not only help these educators conquer their standards; they transformed lives.    

My experience:

  • Twelve years teaching experience and project- based learning leader at High Tech High. (school featured in 'Most Likely to Succeed'

  • A M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership

  • Three years in program coordination and development of 'Futures Academy'- a program that uses integrated project- based experiences to deliver the curriculum (find out more here)

  • Author of the book ‘Power of Simple,’ which provides school leaders and teachers simple strategies for school transformation and to improve student learning

  • Interdisciplinary Team Leadership at High Tech High and Futures Academy

  • Twelve years Humanities teaching experience at the Middle School Level

  • Two years Program Development at the International Montessori School of Hong Kong


Why I do this


I do this because I want to empower you in the same way I was empowered. With a committed team of educators, I had the unique privilege of living out my collective vision for school. 


We co-created student schedules built around real world learning experiences; aligned curriculum to the individual needs of our students; planned and collaborated together in a shared space; centered learning around interdisciplinary projects and real- world tasks; and structured in time for students to pursue their passion.


Not many forward thinking educators have the same freedom. They are tasked to introduce innovative learning opportunities and impart "21st Century" skills in their students but at the same time are given a complex set of standards to cover; standardized tests misaligned to their curriculum; limited time to interact and exchange ideas; isolated classrooms, disconnected from the real world; and finally, little to no training or support.

I want to help you. 


What I can do for you


I can help forward thinking educators like you overcome these obstacles and make school and classroom transformation feel seamless. Having been there myself, I know how to help you go from your current reality to your desired vision for student learning through simple, innovative strategies for transformative learning experience design and delivery. I have helped build capacity in school leaders, and trained teachers to lead project- based experiences on both sides of the globe; from small charter schools to large international schools. Here are some ways I have helped:

  • Co-Design of innovative programs

  • Blended Coaching/ Training on project- based learning implementation

  • In person workshops on project design and delivery 

  • Keynote talks to inspire large organizations

  • (Co) Curriculum Development for interdisciplinary programs 

Kyle Wagner
Innovations and Project- Based Learning Coach

I help forward thinking educators create socially, emotionally and globally aware citizens through project-based learning.

Preliminary School Transformation Guide



Learn how as a school leader to take the first steps to transform student learning at your school!

My Book

Change doesn't have to be so hard. This book equips leaders with simple strategies for school transformation; helping schools conquer standards, individualize learning, and create a community of innovators.



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