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The Power of Simple

"The Power of Simple is not merely a book, but rather a plan of action for educators who seek to make a change in the educational world." -- Jackie Tuacson, Head Teacher at International School of Venezuela

"This is a must read for all innovative teachers and administrators wanting to shake up their schools with great teaching and learning." -- Evelyn McCullough, Innovations Coach at Park Maitland School

"I have applied the Power of Simple to my own practice, and I am seeing the benefits of Wagner's philosophy, 'The Power of Simple,' everyday." -- Anthony Conwright, Academic Dean High Tech High 

"If you are interested in transforming your school to be more about preparing our children to be innovators and take ownership of their passions and learning, you must read this book." -- Zoe Randall, Engineering Coordinator High Tech Elementary School

Looking to transform your school to foster 21st Century Skills but don't know where to start? 

The power of SIMPLE will inspire you to create those changes in your school through the introduction of five simple strategies. 


The book describes how Kyle Wagner used these strategies to create Futures Academy at the International School of Beijing- a school that changes the way we educate. It is a school that:

a. Adapts schedules every week depending on the learning experience

b. Has students presenting regularly to experts in the field

c. Integrates learning around students exploring their passions and creating work of value in the real world. 

In the book, you will learn how to:


  • Create individualized experiences for your students

  • Create flexible schedules to allow for these experiences

  • Re-structure your space to impact student learning

  • Become a faciliator of learning

  • Conquer standards and still have time to connect students to the real world

  • Create integrated projects to allow for these experiences

  • Create a community of innovators  


This book will empower you to create your own vision for school. You will no longer be paralyzed by fear, but empowered by the fact that you can create real change, and it's not that hard.

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