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Start Goal Setting with a Vision Board for 2018

Start Goal Setting with a Vision Board

How do you typically start the new year after a long winter break? Do you jump straight into learning? Have students reflect on their winter breaks? Set goals? As a teacher, I always had mixed feelings after break. I was excited to see the kids but also overwhelmed to go back to work. It's like my brain was stuck in a permanent comatose that took at least two weeks to warm up again. I was stuck in vacation mode. My kids, on the other hand were the complete opposite. They were energized, overly excited, and eager. (Keep in mind this was middle school). For ten years of my teaching career, I started the new year without a clear plan to guide their energy. And then I stumbled upon a process used by a much older and wiser colleague, who started each new year calm, collected, and peacefully sipping coffee out of her signature mug. Her students reflected that calm. Methodically, and with purpose, students created vision boards of the kinds of students they wanted to become. They cut out pictures and quotes from magazines that reflected this vision. Finally, they set concrete goals that would allow them to reach these milestones. The result was 30 distinct and unique vision boards and 30 scheduled conferences to share their goals with their veteran teacher. The boards were displayed around the room to keep students focused in the second half of the year. I was blown away.

Your FREE Goal Setting Guide

I want to share that guide with you. The guide is designed to best meet your needs as an educator. You can use it to create a collective vision as a class (or with staff if you are an administrator), or for individual use with students (or teachers). You can get that goal setting guide below (click HERE or on the button below).

Don't go at it alone

Teaching can be a lonely profession. Make sure you don't go at your goals alone. Share your process/ goals with a fellow teacher, administrator, or trusted friend. As always, I am here to help. I would love to hear about your goals and your plan to transform student learning in 2018! Your transformation coach and #1 fan,

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Kyle Wagner
School Transformation and Project- Based Learning Coach

I coach school leaders on how to lead change and improve student learning through simple, innovative srategies and teaming structures.

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